I work for VSee, a video collaboration start-up. On normal days, I get to work from home, because I can collaborate with my co-workers through VSee. On a particular Tuesday in February, I took a plane to work.

It was a day trip to LA for an event we were supporting – “Haiti Today, Haiti Tomorrow” – a Facebook Town Hall, Featuring Linkin’ Park and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

Linkin' Park and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon taking part in the VSee video collaboration.

It was a 4 way VSee conference with the Secretary General, 4 members of the Linkin’ Park band, and UN Foundation’s CEO, Kathy Calvin, down in Hammer Museum in LA, along with Will Davis, Director of the UN Information Centre over in D.C., and 2 members of Linkin Park with Randy Zuckerberg (yes, that’s Mark Zuckerberg’s sister) moderating the session in SV.

The 3-way conversation was mainly about the ongoing relief efforts in Haiti, and how viewers can support the UN and its partners in helping Haiti rebuild and transform. While I was down in LA, my 16th batch senior, Penny, was supporting the event from the Facebook campus in Palo Alto, where the broadcast was taking place.

For me, it was both a nerve-wrecking, yet amazing experience getting to meet all these people face-to-face, and to support a worthy cause. Nonetheless, being on-site support also meant that I had to keep my fingers crossed all the time, just in case something cropped up.

Thankfully, the broadcast went great, and we had 15,000 viewers, and generated lots of feedback and comments through the social media.

I love how my work in a start-up has such a big impact in the real world. It made me realize that you need both grassroots initiative, as well as top-down initiatives to maximize the positive impact you can bring to the community.

The video recording is available for viewing below.

- Christina Ng, NCSV18

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  • April 2, 2011