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NOC Thanksgiving Party, NUSEA expands to SF

Besides devouring on the turkey and ham on thanksgiving night, we all thought that we should get some work done and shed off some fats.

Thus, we rolled up our sleeves and threw a mini party for all NOC students, past and current, at our brand-new office at San Francisco. That night was a huge gathering for NOC students. The iLEAD students have just arrived the Bay Area for their two-week Overseas Study Mission (OSM) at the Silicon Valley. A few of our NOC alumni also turned up to share their experiences of working at the Bay Area.

Jay Vasudevan, from NCSV11, shared his “One Man & A Suitcase” story of bringing ‘Brandtology’ to the States. There was a lot of hustling and networking, and hard times like living off the air mattress from the living room of the Semantics3 guys. The founders of Semantics3, Varun & Viswa, had their fair share of hardship, from getting rejected by various incubators and investors, to finally graduating from Y Combinator, one of the best startup incubators, and closing their first enterprise customer. There was also Tian Wei, a NCSV alumnus, who gave us insights from the other spectrum of the daily startup news we see. He said that acquisition by large companies is not always a good piece of news, because there is this thing calls the ‘preferred shares’, investors are always first to receive their returns. That was a real lesson he has picked up from the startup world. More amazing stories were also shared by other alumni including Quek Shu Yang, Ryan Wong, Tay Kah Hong, Shilpa and Amanda.

We have a new office!

With plans of expanding the NOC program and sending more students to the Bay Area, NUS Enterprise has been looking for more opportunities up north. Co-working with Infocomm Investments and Singtel Innov8, we have set up a new office at 599 2nd St, San Francisco. This would only mean more partnerships formed with startups based in the city, giving us more opportunities to enroll our NUS students to this program!

TechinAsia has covered this story here:

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Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

If you don’t already know, thanksgiving is a huge thing in the U.S. My memories about thanksgiving were roasted turkey, delicious ham, there was bread too, and a lot of people.

On the night of thanksgiving, we were glad to be invited to Pam&Sam’s place for a heartwarming home-cooked dinner! The dining table was spread with sumptuous food and drinks, with portion enough to feed thirty. We are really glad to have met Pamela and Samuel, who are like our parents overseas. They have seen many batches of NCSV students come and go, but the love and care they show to us never dwindles. They treat us like how they treat their own children. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Black Friday was not just about cheap deals, it is also about post-thanksgiving turkey dinner. With a full turkey intact, Allan and housemates spontaneously threw a mini-potluck at night, inviting many fellow Singaporeans who had just arrived at the Bay Area. It was almost a networking dinner.

Mini Potluck on Black Friday!

Mini Potluck on Black Friday!

NCSV25 Appreciation Dinner

The night of November 20th was an emotional one. It was the night of celebration when the seniors of NCSV25 has graduated from the year-long internship at the Bay Area. Memories were recollected, some tears were shed (were there?!), and it ended off well with great laughters as the employers and our seniors wished each other the best in their future endeavors. Who knows, you might bump onto one another sometime!

SG Buzz: Meeting Famous Food Blogger, Dr Leslie Tay of iEat iShoot iPost

On 8th November, we were happy to attend OSU’s (Overseas Singaporean Unit) SG Buzz, featuring the famous food blogger iEat iShoot iPost! We had the chance of salivating on the all-time Singaporean favourite food like satays and hokkien mee! Dr Leslie Tay was a cheery figure and that totally made our night!

You can visit OSU’s website at and their facebook page at

Of course, if you still haven’t read Dr Leslie Tay’s blog, do so at right nowand find out the next makan place!

sgbuzz: Dr Leslie Tay group photo

Dr Leslie Tay and NCSV!

It’s all about the money: Money 20/20

Vegas is all about money, so it’s probably the only place one could host the Fintech hackathon: Money 20/20! With 125K cold hard cash prizes at stakes, industrial standards are expected of the winners. This hackathon is probably the most well-sponsored hackathon with 5 teams walking away with $20,000 grand prize! Aside from the huge bounty for good products, all participants who finished the hackathon also received $250 traveling stipend! On top of that, this hackathon has the best food among all other hackathons.

For the full article by Angelhack, organizer of Money 20/20 Hackathon 2014, please read



NASA 75th Anniversary Open House

We were glad to be able to snatched up the tickets to the NASA 75th Anniversary Open House! Only to realize that the general admission is free for all to enter.

Despite the hot weather and the vast amount of distance between each exhibitions, we brought back with us nuggets of information about space exploration.