Today, the NUS Overseas Colleges operates at world’s most vibrant startup places, inlcuding Silicon Valley, USA; Beijing and Shanghai, China; Stockholm, Sweden and Israel. These seven colleges are established in leading entrepreneurial hubs involving up to 150 students a year.

National University of Singapore Overseas Colleges Alumni
NOC AlumniThe NOC Alumni is formed by the alumni of the NUS Colleges in Silicon Valley (NCSV) programme in 2003. The NOC Alumni serves as an umbrella organization, encompassing future graduates from the University’s various NOC initiatives. Through our collective experiences and exposure to entrepreneurship, we share a common identity and purpose in promoting entrepreneurial activities in Singapore.
Singapore Philadelphia Innovators Network (SPIN)
SPiNRecognizing the great potential in Philadelphia for valuable collaborations and partnerships, the Singapore Philadelphia Innovators Network (SPIN) was thus formed. SPIN was established by participants of the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) Programme in Bio Valley to be an exclusive channel and bridge for entrepreneurs, investors and academia in both Greater Philadelphia Region and Singapore, creating key opportunities for expansion into both regions.
nuStartnuStart is founded by students at NUS Colleges in Stockholm – the Capital of Scandinavia. nuStart means “Start Now!” in indigenous Swedish. It will serve as a platform for the aspiring and budding entrepreneurs to immerse themselves in the real business world, where the dream of starting one’s own business feels within reach. Further, nuStart seeks to become a gateway between Singapore and Sweden, enabling people on both sides to explore business opportunities.
Shanghai House of Entrepreneurs, NUS (SHEN)
SHENSHEN (Shanghai House of Entrepreneurs, NUS) is a youth organization formed by participants of the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) Programme in Shanghai. It aims to promote entrepreneurial spirit among its members and provides support by establishing good relations with the local and international committees in Shanghai.
Young Entrepreneurs Association, NUS (YEAN)
YEANYEAN is founded by students at NUS Colleges in Beijing (NCBJ). It aims to instill the entrepreneurial spirit amongst youths. It organizes events such as conferences and company visits and hopes that these events can provide youths with a better understanding of entrepreneurship.
Singapore-India Connections and Enterprise
SpICESpICE (Singapore-India Connections & Enterprise) is a student group formed by participants of the NOC Experience India program. It aims to foster a better understanding of India in general among budding and aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore while encouraging them to engage in and discover for themselves all that India has to offer.