NUSEA | National University of Singapore Entrepreneurs' Association


NUSEA was first established in late 2000 and has since spawned several successful startups created by NUSEA alumni. Our members work full-time in start-ups around the San Francisco Bay Area while taking classes in Stanford University. NUSEA serves as a vehicle for members to collaborate, exchange ideas and leverage resources. We are actively engaged in the Bay Area and serve as a contact point for Singaporean startup companies looking to make the push into the US market.

NUSEA is part of the NUS Overseas College (NOC) program. NUS Overseas Colleges is a university level unit of the NUS Enterprise Cluster that manages the highly innovative NUS Overseas Colleges programme. The programme targets NUS undergraduates with the academic ability and entrepreneurial drive, keen to be immersed as interns in start-ups located in leading entrepreneurial and academic hubs of the world. At the same time, they will study entrepreneurship related courses at highly prestigious partner universities. The aim is to cultivate and nurture them into enterprising, resourceful, independent self-starters and eventually blossom into successful entrepreneurs.

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